Present! is a time we tend to think about the future or we think about our past.

I wondered why people think that much about what has happened in their past knowing after that wouldn’t change it in any way. It may be difficult, it keeps drawing one’s attention.

Alike in the past, we keep wondering about our future.

Living in the present means to live the moment without worrying about what had happened before or what will happen next moment.

Sometimes, we worry much about our upcoming future that leads to another level of discomfort in the present situation.

There’s no need to punish ourselves for what we can not change and when we didn’t know what our future holds for us.

Live in the present may create a positive big difference for your future.

Sometimes, it sucks if we are unnecessarily worrying about anything and if we look back, we have nothing but had lost those precious days which may add a great memory to our life.

Every moment holds a very beautiful, unforgettable memory and abundance of happiness. Living in present but not much worrying about the future have the power to build progress in one’s life.

That’s why put your efforts to glorify your present and let your dream to be a part of your victory at the end.



One of the difficult situation of life lies in the duality of character in an individual .

This duality comprises of the character firstly, which is dealing with the entire world to show a fake identity and another one lies within ourself dissatisfy and disappointed after owing these fake identity.

The world around us is as true as, we used to be with ourselves. Most of the time, we are not true to ourselves.

As quoted


The surroundings of ourselves have so many distractions that cannot be neglected at any cost. These distractions and the people around us play a vital role to frame a fake personality of ourselves.

It’s a very different experience to play two distinct characters at one time. Sometimes, it worsens the situation, not for that particular individual but also brings toxicity in any relationship.


We don’t have to change ourselves for others when we have so many good points to act .

Maintain individuality, it’s very important to maintain individuality. The duality in nature may hamper our growth and can create severe problems for ourselves.

Avoid negative people and places, these people are in a very dominant state. They can’t be easily neglected but listen to yourself will help to avoid these distractions.


Love yourself and your individuality, because your identity is yours. No matter millions are there having some common ground, or maybe can share some common thoughts but every person is unique in itself. The day we began to love ourselves nature will assist us to become a very fine personality.


Sometimes it feels incomplete even after achieving our dreams for which we were working diligently.

Why did we end up choosing the path what others want ??

These are the some common situations faced by everyone in every aspects of life.

The decisions which were not taken consiously but in the influence of some external factor end up giving these type of results. We tend to choose that so called path which seems to be fascinating but it didn’t end up giving the satisfaction of what we were looking off.

As a human, we easily get distracted by our so called influencer. We think life has only one path and we confined ourself upto that one path.

If we have to choose the right path,it’s us who have to take the first step and in the right direction.


  • Before anything, we need to know ourselves, who we are, what we want from ourself and what is the strongest desire in our heart ( without getting distracted by our so called influencer ).
  • LISTEN TO EVERYONE,DO WHAT YOU WANT.To make a right decision we need to listen everyone but,the only way to create DIFFERENCE is by doing what you want.
  • Maybe, it can hurt the sentiments of other as you are doing your desired work but believe in yourself they will end up accepting you and your work.

A slight change can create a huge difference, choose it consiously and wisely.



Mental illness, anxiety, sadness are the most prevalent things we are surrounded by these days. As a human we have to deal with mischievous and sadness anyhow. These are the situation oftenly faced by all of us.

But if we think what is suffering and what leads to suffer so much? We found nothing but it’s because we drag ourself into that situation. We suffer because of us. Sometimes we expect more than we are capable of or with something.

Suffering is a something universal have to face by everyone and have their own story of suffering. Nowadays people can suffer with any cause in the world, they don’t have to be lose something for that.

Sadhguru once quoted that

“If you are above the intellect you cannot suffer because you are Buddha and if you are below you cannot suffer but if you are in intellect no one can stop suffering.”

It’s human tendency to expect things before it happen. To avoid suffering one has to went beyond intellect. It’ll become possible only when we will start living without expecting. It will add a new chapter in every life with a better and a transformed personality.


Happiness lies in the silence of the beauty

Sometimes we are done with managing and doing the stuff way it should be done. When it’s far away to handle pressure and stuck in a situation where we need some inspiration to continue further.

That inspiration lies within ourself given the name of HAPPINESS.

Happiness is the inner feeling to demonstrate the victory over the things juggling inside ourself.

Happiness lies in even smallest thing. In every human being happiness is in abundance form but the problems frames itself over happines.

Feel the abundance of happiness in nature


Someone has quoted that

When you want something all the universe conspire you to achieve it

This quote indicates the value of desire. A little known desire will be completed when we are fully dedicated to them.

Desire to be happy is one the sweetest desire to be own by a person. This desire need to be followed sincerely. A little happiness may change the life of depressed, low, and rejected into a joyous, cheerful and a happy personality.

At last, the most powerful key to live a happy life is to change the perspective to change in ourself. A slight change in our perspective to watch the world will definitely change our world.


At 7 A.M my alarm rang once, twice,then thrice no matter how many time I off it, eventually my alarm won by waking me up.

I don’t think I’m the only one who starts her day with a defeat. Now I realise our dependency have went upto that extent that we always need something to hold up and by this way we start our defeated day.

If we go through the meaning of self organization then Self organization refers to one’s working and behavioral approach to modify their intrest in a organized manner and descipline helps to regulate continuity to follow that approach.


Self organization is the need of the hour to eliminate sluggishness in working schedule and overcome one’s weakness.

It just not helpfull to reduce stress but also help to complete it smoothly. Sometimes a hectic day also demands organization where many task have to be performed in a strict time limit. One productive day gives high motivation to start new day. It give more time for other important task if other things are done on time.


  • Have trust in yourself. If you can think,you can do everything.
  • Set up your goals.
  • Give a stipulated time limit to every task.
  • Stick to those unless you are done.

They will not demand more time unless we make them to do so.


FORGIVENESS is a simplicit word that itself owe a positive character. Being forgive is not only a blessing for wrongdoer but it gave a chance to forgiver to be a exceptional. It is hard to posses this character just because it’s hard to forgive and if then to follow that path. Maybe it’s not that simple but is a finest way to move on.


As it’s being told that history not only intimate with our past but also teaches us numerous numerous method to deal with a situation. As we go through our history there are various stories that depicts forgiveness. One of the famous is the story of ANGULIMALA( Finger garland) was a murderer and collector of sevred fingers and LORD BUDDHA who was a philosopher, spiritual teacher and a religious leader. Once Buddha walking through a forest met with Angulimala who was threatening and warning him to stop. Buddha calmly turns towards him and replied ‘I have stopped already and now it’s your turn to do likewise’. These words touched him so deeply make him to apolizes. Buddha FORGIVE him and this turn him into a monk and follow the path of spirituality.

Not only one story can describe forgiveness there are many more but what most important is that:- FORGIVENESS IS THE TOOL TO HAPPINESS and shows the purity of the soul.


Sometimes anger creates misunderstanding but to stretch that misunderstanding will destroy the relationship and forgiveness is essence of the perfume whose fragrance can bloom the relationship.


  • Provide a fair chance to correct themself. 
  •  Move on for yourself.
  • Focus on present to make a better future.
  • Love your decisions.
  • Be confident.

Love help self

As the topic itself reveals the meaning of LOVE-HELP-SELF.

self love is the foremost way to help onself’

As we cannot knew ourself before loving ourselves like that we are unable to help ourself before Loving onself. Before helping we should understand ourself and for that first step is to love and accept yourself as you are.


In our daily lives, we faces numerous problems which despairs our confidence and profoundly went on increasing unless a stage occur where we have no way to stand with ourself. Thinking like Nope! I can’t do it; I think I’m not made for this and thousands of excuses which I also make after not hitting my target. It’s not just in my case now is become human tendency to blame the situation then to face our failure because facing ourself requires lots of courage.


As it’s onerous to change our nature but altering in them can definitely help to overcome our problems.

The best solution to our problem is to build trust in oneself and that ultimately helps to face unwanted situations. Yupp it is easy to say then to make it done. Building trust requires confidence, patience and love in oneself.

LOVE – love is not only the most accepted way but it can help to overcome any type of fear and in any unfortunate situation. PATIENCE – patience is the key to sucess. It’s easy to give up then to have patience. It help to feel the real taste of sucess. CONFIDENCE – Confidence is the another key to sucess. It makes a positive attitude and trust in oneself. Self trust help you to be confident about your decision and in yourself.

At last let me remind you to love yourself and respect your decision. As it is best way to negate unwelcomed situation and it will ultimately help you to make better version of yourself.

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