Mental illness, anxiety, sadness are the most prevalent things we are surrounded by these days. As a human we have to deal with mischievous and sadness anyhow. These are the situation oftenly faced by all of us.

But if we think what is suffering and what leads to suffer so much? We found nothing but it’s because we drag ourself into that situation. We suffer because of us. Sometimes we expect more than we are capable of or with something.

Suffering is a something universal have to face by everyone and have their own story of suffering. Nowadays people can suffer with any cause in the world, they don’t have to be lose something for that.

Sadhguru once quoted that

“If you are above the intellect you cannot suffer because you are Buddha and if you are below you cannot suffer but if you are in intellect no one can stop suffering.”

It’s human tendency to expect things before it happen. To avoid suffering one has to went beyond intellect. It’ll become possible only when we will start living without expecting. It will add a new chapter in every life with a better and a transformed personality.

Published by Rself

wanna be the part of change in everyone's life.

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