Present! is a time we tend to think about the future or we think about our past.

I wondered why people think that much about what has happened in their past knowing after that wouldn’t change it in any way. It may be difficult, it keeps drawing one’s attention.

Alike in the past, we keep wondering about our future.

Living in the present means to live the moment without worrying about what had happened before or what will happen next moment.

Sometimes, we worry much about our upcoming future that leads to another level of discomfort in the present situation.

There’s no need to punish ourselves for what we can not change and when we didn’t know what our future holds for us.

Live in the present may create a positive big difference for your future.

Sometimes, it sucks if we are unnecessarily worrying about anything and if we look back, we have nothing but had lost those precious days which may add a great memory to our life.

Every moment holds a very beautiful, unforgettable memory and abundance of happiness. Living in present but not much worrying about the future have the power to build progress in one’s life.

That’s why put your efforts to glorify your present and let your dream to be a part of your victory at the end.

Published by Rself

wanna be the part of change in everyone's life.

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